Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sequencing Adobe Lightroom 4.3

Type of Sequencing : MNT
Sequencer : 4.6 SP1
OS : Win7(x 64)

Issue : Application launches with a catalog window every time when it is launched in user mode.

Actual source media when installed and tested does prompt for the above window but only once as it will be  looking to save configuration files gets under C:\Users\MyID\Pictures\Lightroom. but this behavior is not same for the sequenced app in user mode as the above window gets popped up every time the user launches the shortcut of the application.

Solution : Don't launch the application shortcut during configuration phase and uncheck security descriptors.

Note : If application is launched during configuration phase the user name used for sequencing will be captured and the same will be displayed on client machine regardless of the user logged in.

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