Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sequencing Aspect RTAClient

Type of Sequencing : VFS
Sequencer : 4.6 SP1
OS : Win7(x64)

Issue : The application when launched in user mode throws the below following error as the application looks to write some registry keys under local machine HKLM\System\CurrentControlset. If the application is launched first in admin mode and then user mode the application works fine.

Solution : The below following are the steps you need to follow after the application is captured :

1) Add the below registries manually from the virtual registry tab in the package configuration wizard

2) Mark each registry as "overridden"

3) Uncheck Security Descriptors

Note : Technically speaking the application should have worked fine from the above 3 steps but on the client machine when i checked for RTA client virtual registries it was failing to update. The registries got updated successfully only after implementing step 4 as given below.

4) Go to the OSD tab and add the below key
<REGKEY HIVE="HKLM" KEY="SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\eventlog\Application\RTAClient" NOREDIR="FALSE">

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sequencing Katana Trading Client 1.7.6

Type of Sequencing : MNT
Sequencer : 4.6 SP1
OS : Win7(x 64)

- JRE 6

Issue : Post configuration settings are not visible as the application is looking for the local userprofile folder. The file is captured inside the Q drive user settings folder but still the application looks on the local drive.

Application settings is blank as shown below :

Application settings should look as shown below :

Solution : Edit the OSD to copy the conf file to the local machine as shown below :

<SCRIPTBODY>if not exist "%USERPROFILE%\Tradition\TradingClient.conf" copy "Q:\8.3\TradingClient.conf" "%USERPROFILE%\Tradition\"</SCRIPTBODY>

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sequencing Business Objects Crystal Reports XI

Type of Sequencing : MNT
Sequencer : 4.6 SP1(x64)
OS : Win7(x64)

Issue : The application crashes when exporting and importing reports or even when the Reports explorer tab is clicked. As admin the application works fine but the issue is only in user mode.

Solution : Uncheck Security descriptors during sequencing.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sequencing Microsoft Silverlight 4.0

Type of Sequencing : MNT
Sequencer : 4.6 SP1(x64)
OS : Win7(x64)

Issue : The application installation fails and throws the below following error during the monitoring phase:

Solution : Run the application in XP SP3 mode by right-clicking on exe --> Properties --> Compatibility and check the box.

Sequencing Google Chrome 22

Type of Sequencing : MNT
Sequencer : 4.6 SP1
OS : Win7(x 64)

Issue : The application fails to launch.

Solution : Follow the steps as given below:

- 7-Zip or another software capable of generating self-extracting files

Install Google chrome application and open the install directory

Copy chrome.exe inside the install directory

Select all the files and directories, make a right click -> 7-Zip -> Add to archive

 Check SFX archive option and click ok

The application is now saved in exe format.

Start sequencer and select standard application

Select the exe as shown below

Click next and extract the files in Q drive

Add a shortcut to chrome.exe and add standard parameters according to client requirement

- disable-custom-JumpList - no-default-browser-check - in-process-plugins - no-sandbox