Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sequencing Cygwin1.7.5

Type of Sequencing : MNT
Sequencer : 4.6(x64)
OS : Win7
Issue :

1) The application throws the below following error when launched :

2) XWinServer shortcut fails to launch with the error as shown below :
A fatal error has occurred and Cygwin/X will now
exit. Please open /tmp/XWin.log for more information. 
Vendor:  The Cygwin/X Project
XWin was startedwith the following command-line:
XWin -clipboard -silent-dup-error 

Solution :

1) In the Package Configuration Wizard mark the home dir under Q:\8.3\cygwin\home as userdata and uncheck override option

2) This error occurs as the startxwin.exe process fails to start from the virtual bubble
Add a environment variable to add PATH=Q:\8.3\Cygwin\bin
uncheck security descriptors
Edit the OSD to add a prelaunch script to start startxwin.exe as below
Q:\8.3\Cygwin\bin\startxwin.exe -- -nolock

Note : If the pre-launch script pops up everytime then add this script in a wrapper exe created from wise so that the user will not get the cmd window when the shortcut is launched everytime

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