Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sequencing BRR Fix 3.0

Type of Sequencing : MNT
Sequencer : 4.6(x64)
OS : Win7

Issue : The application should launch the exe located in the mapped Z: drive and we need to create another shortcut to launch the BRR folder from the Z Drive

Solution : Sequence the application and edit the FILENAME="Z:\BRR\BRR_Update.exe" in OSD
and for the second issue perform the following things as given below:
1) Make a copy of the already existing OSD
2) Edit the Copied OSD with new Package Name and version
3) Edit the entries inside the SPRJ with new OSD name
4) Edit the OSD to point to the folder location as below
FILENAME = "%systemroot%\explorer.exe" PARAMETERS="Z:\BRR\"

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