Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sequencing EclipseIDE 3.1

Type of Sequencing : MNT
Sequencer : 4.6(x64)
OS : Win7

Issue :  The application throws the below following error when eclipse.exe shortcut is launched

Solution :
Uncheck the override option to all the folders
Mark all the folders to Merge with local directory

Note : Merging the directory seems to be wierd technically speaking but this worked like a charm

Sequencing Cygwin1.7.5

Type of Sequencing : MNT
Sequencer : 4.6(x64)
OS : Win7
Issue :

1) The application throws the below following error when launched :

2) XWinServer shortcut fails to launch with the error as shown below :
A fatal error has occurred and Cygwin/X will now
exit. Please open /tmp/XWin.log for more information. 
Vendor:  The Cygwin/X Project
XWin was startedwith the following command-line:
XWin -clipboard -silent-dup-error 

Solution :

1) In the Package Configuration Wizard mark the home dir under Q:\8.3\cygwin\home as userdata and uncheck override option

2) This error occurs as the startxwin.exe process fails to start from the virtual bubble
Add a environment variable to add PATH=Q:\8.3\Cygwin\bin
uncheck security descriptors
Edit the OSD to add a prelaunch script to start startxwin.exe as below
Q:\8.3\Cygwin\bin\startxwin.exe -- -nolock

Note : If the pre-launch script pops up everytime then add this script in a wrapper exe created from wise so that the user will not get the cmd window when the shortcut is launched everytime

Sequencing Share Point Designer 2007

Type of Sequencing : VFS
Sequencer : 4.6(x64)
OS : WinXP

Issue : The application goes for a heal everytime the shortcut is launched or it throws an error saying the application needs to be reinstalled

Solution : Try the method as given in the blog below
This will not work if the application is sequenced on Win7 as it throws the same error. So the best way of doing it is to sequence the app on XP and deploy on Win7 environment